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Other referral options

Smokers’ Helpline Quit Connection is a simple way to connect your patients with effective cessation counselling. The program is ideal for small practices and organizations, as well as individual health professionals championing cessation.

Other healthcare organizations and systems may consider alternative referral programs from Smokers’ Helpline, depending on their unique situation and circumstances. Options may include:

Smokers’ Helpline Fax Referral Expansion Program

By signing on as a Fax Referral Program partner, your organization will receive a fax form customized with disciplines and departments for frontline staff to easily integrate in your current care paths, aggregate data reports, program training and promotional materials. A Key Contact at your organization is established and there is no cost and minimal program maintenance.

This referral method is ideal for:

  • Multifaceted health organizations i.e. hospitals, family health teams, public health units
  • Health systems in which identification of tobacco users is systematically assessed

Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (OMSC) Integration

The OMSC involves five systematic steps for cessation intervention in a hospital setting:
  • Identification
  • Documentation and Referral
  • Strategic Advice
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Follow-up Support
  • Upon discharge, patients receive up to eight automated telephone calls intended to identify those who require live follow up. When this model is implemented in collaboration with Smokers’ Helpline, patients are triaged to Smokers’ Helpline follow up for up to six months.

    This referral method is ideal for:

    • Organizations that have implemented, or are looking to implement, the OMSC
    • Organizations where resources limit successful implementation of follow up post-discharge

    Smokers’ Helpline referrals are a positive adjunct to current cessation interventions. Connecting patients with community based cessation counselling, using the model that best fits your organization, can significantly increase one’s chance of quitting. 

    Contact us to get in touch with a Regional Coordinator in your area who can offer more information on integration options.

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