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Making a Referral

Any healthcare provider practicing in Ontario can refer his or her patients or clients to Smokers’ Helpline by fax at 1 877 513-5334 using a Quit Connection referral form. Minimal contact intervention can be quick, easy and effective, and Smokers’ Helpline will do the rest.

When making a Quit Connection referral, many clinicians will follow the 5 "A"s:

  1. Ask your patient if he/she uses tobacco.
  2. Advise your patient to quit.
  3. Assess your patient’s readiness to quit smoking.
  4. Assist your patient to quit smoking.
  5. Arrange follow up by obtaining consent to fax a referral form to Smokers’ Helpline at 1 877 513-5334. Your patient must agree to the terms of the referral and sign the referral form
Smokers' Helpline offers a 5 "A"s palm card, which you can download and print.

Tips for making successful referrals:
  • Make a cessation intervention a systematic part of your patient care
  • Keep Quit Connection forms accessible and fully stocked
  • Photocopy the form with your contact information already filled out
  • Contact Smokers’ Helpline for promotional materials and support
  • Once faxed, store the referral form with your patient’s chart

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